A research project on how global environmental change affects marine biodiversity


The 4Oceans project seeks to investigate the physiological, ecological, and adaptive responses of marine organisms to ocean warming and acidification. This is key to advance our understanding of species and ecosystem resilience under present conditions and future climate scenarios. 4Oceans brings together an international and multidisciplinary consortium with skills in coastal oceanography and carbonate chemistry, marine ecology and biodiversity, statistical modeling, physiology, genomics, and communication.


This project has received funding from the Make Our Planet Again programme under grant agreement No. ANR-17-MPGA-0001.
Start date: 1 December 2018; End date: 30 November 2023.


Laboratoire d’Océanologie de Villefranche (LOV)

4Oceans is coordinated by:

Laboratoire d’Océanologie de Villefranche (LOV)

Laboratoire d’Océanologie de Villefranche (LOV)
Sorbonne Université - CNRS

Port de la Darse
181, Chemin du Lazaret

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